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Behind the Horizon

RPG , Farming and Nature simulation · By Jadawin1


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Behind the Horizon - Changelog V1.15b
Hello Community, I have completely re-created the textures of the ground coverings and also completely re-written the program part according to the new requirem...
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Behind the Horizon - Changelog V1.15
Hello Community, there is again a small content update with mostly player requested little things that were still missing. changelog 1.15 GUI New menu that allo...
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Behind the Horizon - Changelog V1.14b
This has been added to version 1.14: ChangeLog 1.14b - The two displays for Life Essence and Energy are now smaller in relation to the rest of the GUI and there...
Behind the Horizon - Changelog V1.14
Changelog V1.14 (old savegames can still be used) Animation: Fixed bug with standing devil animation Magic The spell Connect Spirit has undergone some changes...
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Behind the Horizon - Changelog V1.13
Changelog V1.13 (old savegames can still be used) Bugs: When the player died, the game went into an endless loop in rare cases. Fixed. Sound: The pain sounds of...
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Behind the Horizon - Changelog V1.12
Changelog V1.12 (old savegames can still be used) GUI The appropriate interface size is now determined automatically when the game starts and then saved with th...
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Hello Community, i have now submitted my game to to get a second platform for the release of Behind Horizon besides (
Behind the Horizon - Changelog V1.1b
Compatibility of demo savegames Many players will be happy that you can now use savegames from the demo V1.1 in the main game. Please copy the "Savegame File -...
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